Dé Domhnaigh, Nollaig 13, 2009

You Learn Something new everyday


Note the identical, professionally printed, color-coordinated yellow and black signs. This is what Astroturf--fake grass roots--looks like. The signs use the same colors as the International ANSWER signs that are ubiquitous at far-left rallies here in the U.S., but carry no identifier. It would be interesting to know who paid for the signs, and whether the same organization that bought the signs also paid for the demonstrators.

Pre-prepaired, coordinated picket signs are indisputible evidence of insincerity, in ways that are never quite explained or need to be.

It trully must be marvelous to be a Real American, what with the power to create your own reality and all. The rest of us are reduced to downing cheap bathtub acid. Pity us.

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