Déardaoin, Meán Fómhair 03, 2009

There's This Neighbor Girl

She still lives with her parents at the opposite end of my mom and dad's block. 25 now, has a boyfriend with a husker ballcap and a trimmed goatee. She's already carrying a paunch, already keeps her hair in a ponytail and wearing t-shirts with the name of car companies on them with grey sweatpants. She seems confident in keeping the boy.

I've been eating a lot here, naturally enough. I said something to my mom about being nearly thirty and not having a gut yet. Dad said yeah but there was such a thing as starving to death to.

That's lovely. My father thinks that having a gut hang out over ther rest of the body is not only perfectly healthy but the standard norm for male health.

Every man to a man with the Husker cap (sometimes red, sometimes camo)oakley sunglasses, and the closely shaved beard/goat combo.

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