Déardaoin, Lúnasa 13, 2009

You Got a Problem Buddy?

Ben Joravsky's incessant vitriol that maligns, vilifies and demonizes Mayor Daley is bombastic and only resonates with nihilists, atheists and anarchists. Conversely, articles in National Geographic, Time magazine and Vanity Fair that have lauded Daley for being a green mayor have resonated with ecologists, environmentalists, conservationists, nature stewards, horticulturists and botanists. Being green is more constructive than venting spleen. —Brien Comerford- Letter to the Chicago Reader 6/12

Speaking as a proud nihilist, atheist, and anarchist, fuck you Brien Comerford. Fuck you, fuck the venal vindictive feudalistic racist Mick fuck running this town and fuck his bicycle.

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