Déardaoin, Iúil 23, 2009

Odds & Ends

Papa Manic is currently in jail for possession of two bags of weed within a thousand feet of a park, which is to say in a park, not that it makes any difference. In a city of this density one won't find many spots that aren't a thousand feet from a school or a park. The law seems designed specifically to allow for gang bangers on south Harlem to leisure their afternoons in vacant lots. They figure two weeks for Papa. Keep the children clean. How hard would the cops have come down on my blue eyed pretty white ass? The Latina cop who popped me for taking a leak under the el. She said she was surprised to hear that I was twenty eight, that I still look young. Bless her.

Mama Rainy, the wife, the black mama, is lonely. Last night she again asked why I was so quiet and I again told her that it was just the way I am. She asked me if I was sexually frustrated. I answered that I've been worse as far as that goes, and in fact was growing a bit weary from company, but if she needed any help. Why not? She's done me favors, looked out for me, and she looks good for fifty one, whatever that means. She's not untouchibly ugly by any means, and the difference in race would prevent the surrogate mother factor from getting too nasty. She said she would take a rain check.

Mama Dee, the white gay-spawn one, was robbed of twenty dollars and her prescription to adderal by a sixteen-year-old transgendered hooker named Tiffany. Dee took to smoking again until her son wired her the money to shop Walgreen's so maybe she'll stop now. Tiffany was the victor in one of several scrapes between the working drag queens who gather at Belmont and Clark across from the twenty four hour Starbucks. She wondered in there fillthy and covered with a few spots of blood hear and there, railing to Mama Rainy about the same incoherent nonsense about "respect" that usually comes with these things. Rainy futilely tried to speak sense to her while Dee glowered. Dee and Tiffany don't get along of course. But Mama Rainy is Mama and refuses to let the girl fall to the fate she has chosen for herself, refuses to allow Dee to knock her teeth out and give her a hospital bed to get clean in for a few days. So now this situation keeps festering among people who sleep in three hour snatches once every two or three days. Barbecue Friday night.

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Joshua Beran said...

Papa Manic got out last night, actually.