Dé Luain, Feabhra 02, 2009

Don't You Dare Call Us Bitter You Big-City Commie Fagots

Village Voice food blogger Sarah DiGregorio, acting on the express orders of George Soros and William Ayers, wrote the sort of post that only the most degenerate America-hating atheist could possibly conceive of. She poked fun at the jello salad recipe of Rush Limbaugh's mother. This was clearly part of a coordinated attempt to vilify the Limbaugh family and thus destroy the conservative movement, leaving the Muslim Communists free to ship true Americans off to the gas chambers and be rid of their meddling once and for all. Rather than allow this to happen, a brave platoon of online ditto heads, temporarily blessed with Dear Leader's ability to know the hypocrisy of liberals secret thoughts, stepped forward to avenge this unspeakable outrage. Here's some of their comments. http://blogs.villagevoice.com/forkintheroad/index.php?pagenum=2

The media is out to destroy RUSH. Make him look loony! How the Democrats can't compete with ideas; so they are out to destroy Rush Limbaugh!

Clearly: http://www.270towin.com/ (Ja, Ja, Ja)

Liberals keeps attacking Rush for abusing drugs even though he had severe pain, but notice the liberal drive bys don't bring up the fact that our president, barack hussein obama has delved in drugs purely for recreation.
And...he can't stop his nicotine ADDICTION which is also a drug. A little unfairness going on here? Liberals cannot see the forest for the trees!!!

This has got to be the most pathetic hit-piece EVER. Jello salads were a big thing in the middle class America of the 50s and 60s. Who CARES?

Most pathetic hit piece ever!! http://michellemalkin.com/2008/05/23/of-donuts-and-dumb-celebrities/ (Ja, Ja, Ja)

"Sarah DiGregorio reminds me of man-hater feminazis' who never bothered to learn to cook themselves since that would be denegrating to women "of power" everywhere. Perhaps Mz. DiGregorio has a fine recipe passed down from her grandmother, something along the lines of "Che Guevara murdered-innocents topped with burned bra." She of the morning-after pill popping and nonsensical man-hater tirades."

In fairness, I think this might be a case of Poe's Law here. Nobody is this stu... what am I saying?

I dream of a day when yella can be mella, when the redman can get ahead man, when white will do what right, and when the black man will stop sell crack man.

Liberals, the champions of drug addicts and the down-and-out. They pick and choose who they attack. They call Rush Limbaugh a pill popper even though he was not convicted of anything. We see where the real prejudice comes from, the left.

Elizabeth is a cunt

Fight on brave warriors. Fight on.

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