Dé Luain, Samhain 10, 2008

Too Late In The Day For Coffee

I'll have to take my Sailor Jerry's with hot tea. I also found some opium that I had been missing. God but I love early winter nihilism. Give me the glint of neon Santa Claus over black ice mixed with the police lights arresting a drug fiend outside of mother's house. Make it someone my cousin knows but not me. Make my uncles angrier, fatter and dumber, make the seventy-year-old chain smokers at the North Platte VFW more invincible, make the mid-afternoon sky duller and more sullen on cold sunny days, make the neighborhood unlivable, make a gallon of gas last a week and a bottle of Sailor Jerry's last a day.

I bought the LP of the "Purple Rain" soundtrack for seventy five cents at the thrift store today along with a pair of generic thrift store gloves that match nothing I own.
A record player is something else I don't own. The coffee pot is relatively new.

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