Déardaoin, Bealtaine 29, 2008

Watching TBN in a state of hyper-awareness

Veterans being honored in a tunnel of stars and stripes. Pray for our rulers. Pray for presidents and prime ministers, pray for those who have authority and their will be peace in your life. The storm of Yahwah lashes an arrogant land and brings darkness to the home of Back To The Bible.

Kenneth Copeland; God will perform. (Say it with me, he will perform.)
Kenneth Copeland, mocking the hypothetical orphan taken in by a wealthy Christian family. "I want to meet my biological mother" he says in a third-grade mocking tone. Why? Copeland asks. Such is the love of God for his people.

Dr. Creflo Dollar.
God will cure your debt.
God will cure your debt if you believe.
Stop trying to think your way out of debt.
"That smart head of yours got you into debt in the first place, now didn't it?"
(Nods and grumbles of agreement."
"Turn off the part of your brain that THINKS and turn on the part the BELIEVES in the UNLIMITED POWER OF GAWD."

Faith in the White House
Fields of Crucified Strawmen.
Liberal critics quoted in mocking-third grade tones.
Out of context in such a manner as to make it appear as if they were bothered only by the president's religious faith and not the way it is used to justify Iraq, Patriot act, homosexual pyramids.
Actress playing young Barbara Bush portrayed with unmistakably Marian glow.

President's drinking days presented as both story of redemption and proof of manliness. Midland Texas is an Eden where the blatantly feudalistic mingle with their barrel-chested employees.

President heroically rejects temptations of secretary-succubus-witch, despite protestations of congressman ""whose name you would immediately recognize."

Religion makes you a better person.
You must choose.
There is only fundamentalist Christian morality or Gomorrac nihilism.

Only President Bush can lead in the greatest national crisis since the Civil War. (World War II, Cuban Missile "Crisis" oh please.)
Thank God we don't have a European style relativist-socialist-atheist-witch.

I sweat profusely and stare at myself from outside with a clarity that my nation is above.

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