Déardaoin, Eanáir 17, 2008

Harvey Keitel

I don't know if I've blogged about this before;I've certainly talked about it, but I'm afraid that it's a significant moment in my life, and I must keep referring to it.

I was watching TV at my parent's house late one night two Christmases ago. The "Bonnie Situation" scene of "Pulp Fiction" was playing on Cinemax at the same time that "Bad Lieutenant" was playing on IFC.

And there was Harvey Keitel, saving the day as the ultra-smooth "Wolf" in California while his parallel self swayed a mournful dance of crack-induced impotence in some Manhattan hovel.

One man become the totality of human experience, the glory and the gutter. Stunning.

You remember PCU? That guy who was trying to prove that there was always a movie with either Michael Caine of Gene Hackman playing on TV?

Well, ever since the big movie channels expanded into various genre-channels, I have discovered that one can find "Pulp Fiction", "Scarface", or "The Neverending Story" playing at four in the morning every morning somewhere on extended cable.

Try it for yourself.

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