Dé Sathairn, Deireadh Fómhair 13, 2007

This Dog

Followed me around while I was walking to the store for detergent and toothpaste. He looked like some sort of Pit Bull/Lab mix, thin but not unhealthy, bathed and collared, clearly somebody's.

He followed me from 26th and Vine and I yelled at him to go away. Two blocks later I nearly tripped over him and I yelled at him to go home again. A block later he was still behind me. I turned to him "where are you going boy" in a sing-song voice, and gave him a pat on the head. He jumped on his hind legs and did a little happy dog dance.

I led him back the way we had come until we reached a house where he lingered to smell the grass. I figured that this was either his house or the one next to it so I turned back around to go to the grocery store. When I reached 26th and Y to find him still behind me. He followed me into the parking lot of alps where he stopped to lick something off of the concrete while I walked inside.

When I came out I walked around the back to try to lose him, only to see him running towards me from 26th and Orchard. I quickly turned around and ran back to the front parking lot of Alps, and there he was running towards me on Y.

Ultimately, I had to jaywalk accross 27th to lose him. I tell myself that I did the right thing, but I can't help but think that this was the one. They never do show up when you expect them.

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