Déardaoin, Nollaig 21, 2006

Welcome to American Pornography, 101

Possible essay topics:

Pornography often caters to fetishes that society considers especially 'dirty.' What is so 'dirty' about the picture at left?

Is it simply that the woman is fellating multiple partners?

Is is that the woman is '18' or "barely legal"

It is often said to be an open secret that underage girls are working in the porn industry, or that videos featuring '18' year-olds are aimed at a market that wishes they could be masturbating to 15 year-olds. Do you agree? Why or why not?

The racial element is quite obvious here, even advertised on the box.

Does society consider a white woman fellating three random black men to be "dirtier" than performing the same act on three random white men? (Note the word "devil" in the title!)

"Dirtier" than a thirteen-year-old Asian girl being violently raped by an octopus?

Compare this video with the gay prison porn we have already viewed in this class...
Did the prison films over-emphesize well-endowed black men? What are the similarities between how black men are portrayed in the gay prison films and this film? What are the differences?

Report due Monday.

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